Piano and Pool Table Removals

//Piano and Pool Table Removals

Piano and Pool Table Removals

Unlike other furniture and possessions, moving a piano or pool table takes expertise.

Keeping in tune

A piano must be moved carefully to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged and that it doesn’t go out of tune during the moving process.

The piano needs to be carefully dismantled. A specialized trolley is required to ensure that the piano doesn’t fall or sustain damage taking it up and down stairs. Careful storage in the truck will keep the piano safe from harm and correct placement in the new location will keep the piano from being damaged through damp. An upright piano is best placed on an inside wall.

Not an easy game

Pool tables are great for playing pool but can cause problems when you need to move them. Quality pool tables are made from slate and quality timber, which makes it heavy and difficult to manoeuvre through doors, up any stairs and along hallways.

Once again, careful dismantling is required by experienced removalists. Most of all, a professional removal team will know how to lift and carry your pool table to avoid damage to your table and saving you from the back injury. No matter how strong you feel you are, leave the moving to your professional team.

Mister Mover has trained, professional team members who know all the pitfalls of moving specialized furniture pieces such as pianos and pool tables. We know how to:

  • Use matching tools to unscrew and reassemble at the final destination.
  • We carry and load piano and pool table in the truck which uses the hydraulic hoist.
  • We carry all types of Piano like electrical, vertical, grand or digital pianos.
  • Our team is accredited for heavy moving.
  • We dismantle with care, move them with precision and place them in the right area.
  • Our team is friendly and ready to get into action.

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