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The Ultimate Relocation Checklist for Moving House

House Moving Checklist

At the beginning of moving house, it is good decision to get a property inspector, to inspect everything before you can move in your new property. Fixing, replacing, electric and Plumbing works are always best done with no furniture in the house. It will give you an upfront confidence in the building durability and also save you an extra headache of moving furniture items around the house if something went wrong. Here are some house moving tips you should keep in mind while moving..

:- Mobile

Make sure your Mobile phone is ON and the battery is fully charged.

:- Driveway

Ensure that the driveway is clear of any obstructions, so the removalists can easily reverse the truck close to the entrance, so all stuff is loaded quickly and painlessly.

Ensure the potted plants are moved away from the driveway sides, so there is no chance of accidental damage.

Cut the plants around the driveway to a max height of 3 feet, so they are not obstruction while moving furniture.

:- Kids

If you have Kids make sure there is someone to babysit and all the pets are not moving around the house but moved to an empty room because kids can get injured and removalist can trip over pets and can injure pets or themselves.

: – Fulfill your commitments

Ensure that there are no other commitments which might force you to leave the remove lists by themselves. You must be there for the entire duration of the move.

You must write a letter to the new occupants / Real estate agent, describing the house, the neighbors, tricks with appliances if any to help them get settled.

When handing over keys, do-not-forget to hand over garage remotes, appliance manuals, and their warranty card.

: – Moving Boxes

Label the boxes with Proper and accurate instructions for the removalists when packing, so it easy to load or unload boxes. Ensure that all moving boxes are taped and closed. If there is a fragile item in the box, don’t forget to label it “handle with care”.

Each box should not be more than 25 kilos, as above this range is a safety hazard for the removalist.

Clear and accurate drop off address & instructions to the Removalists so they do not waste time finding the destination address.

:- Furniture

Make sure that there no items on top of furniture, if furniture requires assembly after drop-off make sure there are assembly manuals or instructions and all the bolts assembly accessories are not hidden in an unknown box.

Empty contents of side tables and cabinets to prevent them from opening during the move.

Lock your valuable items in a safe if possible.

:- Appliances

Make sure all appliances required to be moved are disconnected and Refrigerators are emptied in good time before the removalists arrive.

: – TV & Entertainment systems

HDTV’s, Projectors and Music Systems should be packed in their original packing for safe breakage proof move.

Check list for Apartment Moving

Moving in and out of an apartment building is a challenge in itself. Normal moving techniques fail when it comes to narrow corridors, steep staircases, lift access, off-street parking etc.

In a more tried and trusted techniques below points would help a self-mover achieve a safe and successful furniture removals.

  • Book a furniture removals company at that precise time.
  • If your building manager offers you a lift reservation option, in regards to moving furniture, make sure you book this service well in advance.
  • If you live in an apartment building, most likely you are living in a city. Traffic around the city a can be a time
    the killer for the move. Make sure you plan on a day with less traffic ( weekends ).
  • Reserve your off-street parking and ensure it is the closest spot to your block.
  • If the parking is undercover, let the removals company know the height clearance, so an appropriate vehicle can be sent for the move.
  • Access the stairs, if they too narrow and steep, it will be safe to use 3 men to bring furniture downstairs.
  • Let the removals company be known about the stairs or lift access, so they can quote appropriately and will save your valuable time saves, which often gets lost in arguments at the end of the move.
  • If moving via lift, move all your furniture in front of the lift space and move everything down one by one and leave it outside the ground level lift. This technique will save valuable time.
  • If you have reserved the loading zone, then loading the truck should have easy access.
  • Apartment move is challenging at best of times, it is always recommended to hire the best house removalists Melbourne for assistance to allay safety concerns.