The Ultimate Interstate Moving checklist

//The Ultimate Interstate Moving checklist

The Ultimate Interstate Moving checklist

Many people find moving interstate to be a very tough decision. Those who understand the toughness of this task search for tips and tricks pertaining to interstate move in advance. It is always wise to use a checklist to make your moving process easier, particularly when it comes to situations like interstate removals. Such checklist may permit you to get everything in order and nothing is being left off. When you work in such ordered manner, your stress levels will be remarkably low.

Before everything else;

Since it is a huge turning point for your family, you should pick the right kind of Interstate Removal Services Company to handle your relocation. Be sure that you do plenty of research, compare quotations and end up with a vendor that offers the best value for the money you pay. Also, be sure that your mover provides sufficient insurance coverage.

Here’s the Interstate removals checklist

One month prior to the moving date

– Contact your utility service providers and make arrangements to disconnect your services by the time you leave the current premises.
– Start packing; you should start with rarely used items first
– Settle the bills that are due
– Prepare an inventory of items. Then prepare a separate list of items that you wish to get rid of (either to sell or giveaway).
– Make sure that you do some research about your new residence.
– Be sure that you contact the local schools (of the new location) and check if the kids’ education arrangements are in order.
– Get packaging supplies – get plenty of them.
– Prepare a moving box of essentials (for your family) that will be going with you on a moving day

Two weeks prior to the moving date

  • Wash your linen items that never used
  • Return the items you borrowed
  • Double check the folder that contains important documents like licenses, passports and anything else you need
  • Have medical records ready and pack them safely
  • Get a backup of your PC (into an external device) before you pack it
  • Plan a garage sale to get rid of the usable items that won’t be going with you

One week prior to the moving date

  • Let all the relevant parties know your move and new contact information
  • Have all the furniture items disassembled and packed methodically
  • Have your car serviced and ready
  • Defrost the refrigerator(s)
  • Go through the checklist one again
  • Be sure the “package of essentials” is ready
  • Contact your moving service and reconfirm their visit

On Moving day

  • Make sure that the correct moving truck has arrived with the logo and necessary identification
  • Have a comprehensive inventory obtained from your mover
  • See if the doors and windows are locked properly
  • Make sure that you haven’t left any keys, wallets, phones, chargers and other items behind

It is all about being organized. Always try to be ahead of this schedule and make your move a smooth one. Good Luck!

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