Top Tips You Must Consider While Short Listing Cheap Movers and Packers in Melbourne

//Top Tips You Must Consider While Short Listing Cheap Movers and Packers in Melbourne

Top Tips You Must Consider While Short Listing Cheap Movers and Packers in Melbourne

Always remember to get at least 3 – 5 different estimates from different moving companies before hiring one. Start with a proper research in order to sort the best, highly reputed, licensed and insured movers around your locality, town or city if possible and ask for an estimate. The most important criteria for short listing any moving company should be after checking whether they are registered with the State as movers as the only State approved movers meet all the standard guidelines required for safe transportation and most importantly, these moving companies are also insured if anything goes wrong.

When you hire house removal services for transporting your stuff from one place to another, you are in a way, trusting the company and its men with all your important or expensive stuff. Hence, it becomes highly important to make sure you pick the right one instead of regretting it later by handing the job to an inexperienced, unprofessional newly launched firm.

Here are some of the best tips you must consider while choosing the right Melbourne Movers and Packers for transferring your stuff to the new place!

Always ask for a representative for an on-site visual price quote

There’s no way to decide or estimate the total weight or volume of the stuff you wish to move to a different place all by your own. And, if you do it wrong, you may end up paying little extra money in the end. Hence, it is advisable to ask for a representative from the moving company to inspect the goods on site and give the right estimation. These are professionals and getting the estimation from them directly will help you choose the best moving company of the lot which offers the cheapest rates.

Stay away from brokers or moving contractors

Because of the flourishing moving business, there is a spike in the number of brokers or independent moving contractors all over the industry. These folks are always looking for moving projects in their neighborhood only to fix the deal with an affiliate moving company later on. In between these dealings, they earn a huge commission from both the company and the client. It is not a very smart move to strike a deal with such broker or contractors and instead you must look for a genuine registered moving company for transporting the goods.

Opt for flat rates instead of hourly rates

This is actually a tricky one for the most. Oftentimes, it becomes difficult to whether the pick flat rate or hourly rate option while hiring a moving company. However, if you are not in for any risks, it is always wise to choose a flat rate option as it will assure the right money you will be paying at the end. With hourly rates, it may seem cheaper, but there are a few movers who would delay the process just to grab those extra bucks for additional hours above the estimated time duration. Always choose the flat rate option over hourly rates as it will assure you a steady deal.

Anticipate the day of moving much in advance and be prepared for it

It may sound a bit difficult, but if possible, try to anticipate the day of moving much in advance so you can be well prepared on the day of moving. There have been cases where something or the other is left out by the movers because they weren’t informed about it. Kids running all over the house have also mismanaged the whole moving process at times and some have even been injured during the process. It is advisable to prepare a whole list of items that is required to move beforehand and keep a check if everything is picked up by the movers. Also make sure to leave the kids to the neighbors or relatives on the day of moving so they don’t cause any hurdles for these professionals as they simply work like machines with years of experience.

Get moving boxes in advance to wrap things up

Today, due to the flourishing moving business, there are many places in the market where you can get specific types of moving boxes ideal to pack all your stuff in an organized manner. You can use a marker pen to write down what’s inside each box. This way you are aware of what’s inside the box and also notify the movers on what boxes would need that extra care.

Giving tips to the movers always come handy with good care of your stuff

Now, as mentioned before, these movers are highly professionals and work like machines while moving your stuff. It can always be handy if you tip each mover in advance, while loading your stuff at your new place, then they won’t mind in dropping all the stuff at the desired location of your choice. This way, you can get all your bedroom stuff in the bedroom, kitchen stuff in the kitchen etc. You should also make sure to keep cold water bottles for the movers at both locations. If you show good care for the movers, they will surely return the same care for your items and also adhere to your special requests in the process.

Bonus Tips

Now that you have become expert in finding the Cheapest Movers and handling the overall moving process, making sure that all your valuable and important stuff are transported safely to your new home, it’s time for some bonus tips. To make use of the valuable time, it is advisable to clean the new place thoroughly beforehand, so when the movers unload your stuff, you know exactly where to keep all the stuff. Also make sure to carry all the important items such as passports, bank books, keys, jewelry items, medical records, vehicle registration, driving license, lease or will etc. with you all the time while moving. It will make sure that these valuable items won’t be misplaced or destroyed during the whole process because of some misfortune.

That’s it. Now you can move to your new home smartly and carefully.

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