12 Essential Moving & Packing Tips

12 Essential Moving & Packing Tips

For many people out there, shifting from one house to another can be a nightmarish task- because the work seems to be too much. But if you have some of the best moving tips handy, then it is not something that you need to be worried about.

Today we are going to talk about some of the best packings & moving tips that you need to know to make your shifting business a lot smoother than it actually is.

12 Best Moving tips and tricks you must consider:

Book a Budget Removalists Company

If you want to go for a decluttering mode, then you have to look out for a Local removalist company according to nearest suburb as soon as you possibly can- so that your work can be done in a hassle free manner. Of course, you could make your place neat and move from one place to the other all by yourself, but then that would definitely take up a lot of your time. Since the expert removalists companies like Mister Mover have a lot of experience, therefore, your moving process will be a lot smoother.

Organize your possessions and sort them out

If you are planning to move house, then you need to do a bit of organizing before moving. This is because of the fact that you need to sort out what you need to take along and what you don’t. Also, you would like to have the fragile elements in one place and the strong elements in other areas so that you do not have any problems while moving out. Decluttering also helps you remove unwanted objects, and the movers will be more than happy to serve you once you are sorted out yourself.

Start your packing early

Once you are sure to move out, start your preparation right away. Even if it might seem to be a trivial task, as the moving day arrives, you will find that there are still loads of work that needs to be done and you will be burdened. So to remove all traces of anxiety, you need to make sure of the fact that you are using every bit of your time to do the packing.

Creating an inventory

Now if you are wondering as to why you would need to have a stock in the first place, then you need to understand that it helps in keeping all the things at a site and lets you supervise over the same so that you can be sure of losing nothing. If you are unable to create an inventory on your own, then you can always take the help of the foremost removalist service company in Melbourne so that they can make it for you.

Start with the rooms that you use less

This is an excellent tip for packing because if you start with something like the storeroom, then your packing is more likely to remain intact because people hardly step in there and mess things up. On the other hand, packing your living room can be a really problematic thing because you tend to keep your essentials in there. Therefore, start with the spaces like the attic and start packing things up right away.

Use innovative packing techniques

Now with the various DIY packing techniques, you can save a lot of space and time. It is the best option to be smart and engage your children during packing so that they can be handy for sorting their things themselves like toys, games, and gadgets, so they can think of it as a fun activity. In this way, engaging children during packing procedures and letting them declutter their own belongings buy you an extra time to consider selecting an expert furniture removalist partner like Mister Mover.

Use high-quality materials

You need to get hold of packaging materials that are high in quality so that your packaging becomes absolutely safe and you can take your possessions through ragged journeys without thinking much. Of course, you can buy these materials from the removal companies, but you can also get an array of packing boxes from them for free! Use high-quality tape, bubble wrap, thermocol, and cardboard so that you can pack your items just the way you like. And don’t forget to mark them!

Label in the proper way

It is an excellent tip while moving that you need to pack appropriately to make the unpacking easier. And labeling is one of the necessary steps of wrapping in the proper manner. You need to label each and every item that you have in your possession so that you know which one to unpack after what. Also for the fragile items, tagging them makes it easy to be placed in the correct position while traveling so that it does not hit the walls of the vehicle and break Fragile Furniture into pieces.

Keep all the storage doors open

Till the moving day, make sure that you keep the doors of all the cupboards and cabinets open so that you can peek into them at the last minute and know that you are not leaving anything behind in them. Check each and every room and do not leave out on the kitchen as well. It might be possible that you are leaving behind your favorite trinket in a small corner of your drawer and you find that missing as soon as you unpack.

Keep a survival kit handy

Do not pour everything onto the mover’s truck- think of an emergency while you might need your medicine box or first aid.

It is always a good option to keep a bag with you packed with the essentials that you might need like medicine, toothbrush, sanitary napkins, clothes, chargers, gadgets, etc.

So that even if the movers are a bit late, you do not have to feel lost.

Local Removalist Melbourne Checklist

Click photos of critical stuff

If you have a hard time setting up your television, then clicking the pictures of the wiring behind it might help you to set it up in your new home. The same thing can be done for the desktops that you possess or even your other gadgets so that you can fix things up without any assistance. If you want, you could also click the pictures of certain elements that you could use to deck up your new home so that you can find identical objects.

Visit your new area time and again

You need to get acquainted with the new area that you are going to reside in so that you can give proper directions to the moving company and you yourself are comfortable in the zone. It really helps a lot to know a couple of people while moving so spend as much time as possible in the new area.  This way you get to know your neighbors and become friendly with them to hit pubs, all-in-all, makes you comfortable with your neighborhood friends.

Some basic do’s and don’ts


  • Ask only the Best Removalists for help who have ample experience
  • Go for creative and suitable packaging material from a professional and Best Removalists in western suburbs.
  • Take baby steps while packing.
  • Mark glass items with a bold marker that clearly says FRAGILE.
  • Keep a backup system for your folders in the electrical gadgets (use a pen drive).


  • Do not do random packing.
  • Do not overburden one box.
  • Do not pack nonallowable items with the allowable ones.
  • Do not forget the defrosting of the refrigerator before moving it.

In a nutshell, these are the 12 most essential tips that you need to take care of while moving your house base from one spot to the other. Be sure to hire Budget Removalists Melbourne- Mister Mover. Request For  Free Quote, click here.